Southridge is a diversified financial holding company
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About Southridge

We’re a boutique Investment Banking firm specializing in funding and advising small cap and growth companies in the public markets.

Southridge is managed by founder and CEO Stephen Hicks and uses their own money to finance every company. As a client, you can always speak with Stephen and get an offer for funding immediately, making the process personal and expedient.

Forget what you know or have experienced with other Investment Bankers and Hedge Funds and give Southridge a chance to work as part of your team. You will see the difference in speed and efficiency and feel it in reduced stress and uncertainty.

Southridge specializes in two major and unique aspects of investment banking: Structured Finance and Advisory services.

Southridge Structured Finance:

Since 1996, the structured finance team has made direct investment of over $1.7b into growth companies globally. Our expertise lies in our ability to customize a financing plan for the prospective client and then execute on that plan without fail.

Southridge Advisory Services:

Our experience in financing over 250 public companies gives us a unique understanding with regard to the issues facing growing companies. Our team can advise on most corporate issues from the process of becoming a public company, to individualized financing techniques, to optimized balance sheet management.


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